SMILE Fishing Project

Sport Relief visited the SMILE Fishing Project in spring 2016 and made a film -
click on the image below to take a look at what we get up to!

Sport Relief SMILE film

Thanks to our dear friend and SMILE Volunteer Julie for giving Alix’s son a fishing rod and bag, their adventures down Poole Quay learning how to fish (by stopping strangers and asking them how to remove a fish from a hook, or indeed how to unhook a line from a boat!!) led them Steve Porter of True Blue Fishing. Conversations led to the gift of 3 boat trips and the inspiration of the SMILE Fishing Project.

Comic Relief Community Cash funded the project, so we could buy rods and pay for fuel, bait and refreshments and enabled 10 young people to experience life out on the open sea, and catching crabs and seaweed onshore!

We’re pleased to announce that we are running the project again this year. More funding is required as we need to pay someone to work with Alix to coordinate the project. We also need to pay for the boat trips this year. It’s mainly for boys aged 8-13, but this can be negotiable. Priority for existing SMILE families who haven’t attended last year, and for families in Poole Town. Please contact Alix if you or a family you know are interested

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