Community Garden – Growing Together

Tatnam Farm Allotments

We’ve just finished our 7th season … Well, our marvellous SMILE volunteer Richard has single-handed kept our garden going this year, as Alix’s focus has been on coordinating the busy Summer SMILE sessions and retreats.

Richard is our Community Garden volunteer, husband of Siobhan who helps at SMILE It’s Friday! Thank you Richard for all the work you have done, especially with transforming our shed! It’s tidy! With shelves and hooks and everything!! :-) Richard has so many ideas and has loved experimenting with what he’s planted, including a CauliBroc! Wow! You’re amazing :-) Next year we are working on creating a program of sessions to involve the families.

2013 saw our first year Growing Together, dedicating the garden in July and a fabulous harvest. A big thank you to our Garden Angel who came and dug and put in our edging, started paths, built a compost bin and strawberry box and laid slabs and moved our greenhouse. 2014 saw some changes, we lost our greenhouse in the winter storms last year and we now have a shed. The base laid by two SMILE mums and our Outreach Worker. Our water butt is now in position, and we’ll be fixing the guttering before the rains come.


You are more than welcome to come join us to help out with digging over, planting, weeding, and in the summer watering. You don’t need to know what you’re doing, just join in & we’ll learn together. Children are welcome. If you have any specific growing requests, let us know.

Even if you want to just enjoy the piece of countryside in the middle of town and rest a while, please do!


Old Town Community Garden – Perry Gardens

PHP and Vicky Ashley of Food For A Change have created a lovely Community Garden in Perry Gardens. They have a weekly session on Tuesdays 3.15-4.45. You’re welcome even if you just want to come and natter with a cuppa! Activities for children in the holidays.


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