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Logo SMILE SunshineGive a Quid – Make Someone SMILE! You can now donate online through our page. Keep your eye open for matched funding opportunities.

To all our individual donors, thank you so much. Every little counts. Together our offerings can have such an impact on families’ lives.

Awards from an anonymous Christian Trust enabled SMILE Connect to get off the ground.

Thanks go to the following who have donated to SMILE:

2017 Radian: £1500

2015/16 Dorset Community Foundation: Comic Relief Community Cash £890 for the Fishing Project

2015/16 Dorset Community Foundation: Comic Relief Small Grant – £4,800 for SMILE It’s Friday!

St Mary’s Longfleet – 2015 We are delighted to become a Mission Partner of St Mary’s Longfleet, the birthplace of Saturday Morning SMILE. They are supporting us with £3,000 for 3 years.

Alice Cooper Dean – 2014/15 £5,000 & 2015/16 £6000

The Valentine Trust – £8,000 for 2012-2014, £5,000 for 2014/15

Clara E Burgess Charity

DCF_Logo_RGB2012 Dorset Community Foundation: Comic Relief Small Grant – £4,829


2011/12 The Co-Operative Bank Community Fund – £1,605

Communities First – £852 for activities which funded the start up of our Community Garden, and our first Retreats.

Dorset Community Foundation: Poole Communities Fund – £500 towards our Single Parent Fair

Legacy Fund – £13,000 for two years for SMILE It’s Friday and The Fishing Project

SMILE On The Run – Saturday 6th October 2012, Branksome Chine: Well, it was perfect weather for running! 3 of us ran the 6km & 4 ran the 11km with Isaac, age 8 3/4  joining them on his bike. We had a lovely crowd of supporters & The Echo came down to take some shots & write a piece which you can see below. Pictures and videos to follow soon. Between us we managed to raise around £600! Fantastic for a little jog in the sunshine ; ) Thank you to Oak Telecom who sponsored us by supplying the wonderful running tops. Especially to Adam Bardsley & Maria who came and ran with us. All those who came to support us were a great encouragement too, thank you!

Bournemouth Echo

Saturday 15th September 2012 – Test Run: It was glorious sunshine, and a good practice for our actual event. An eye opener to how far it actually is, but also how do-able! It was lovely to have other SMILE families and friends of SMILE families come down and support us & have a lovely time too. Thank you so much Heather for the BBQ!

RockShandies & Friends Fundraising Gig – June 2012: Thank you to Thirstyman and REDSHIFT for joining The Rockshandies to create a pleasant evening of musical enjoyment. We raised just over £240, with £110 being matched £for£ by Barclays from Raffle ticket sales. Thank you to The Britannia for saving the day in providing a venue and to all who came and supported us. We’ll let you know when we play again … look out for The Rockshandies album launch mid-November.

Sponsored Space Hop Challenge – Oct 2011: This was an amazingly fun afternoon – and it was glorious sunshine! The Echo came to take some photos of our craziness, so keep an eye open … We bounced our way from the Beach Hut and made our way towards Branksome Chine. It’s surprising how long it takes to do a short distance, and we thought we’d be able to bounce all the way to Shore Road!! However, I must say Louisa & Joseph were bouncing really well, they were super fast! 2 pairs of ripped trousers and many bounces later & we stopped for a cuppa – after 45 minutes of bouncing! Impressive!

Some of us started bouncing again and went in the other direction towards Canford Cliffs. So, some of us managed 45 mins, others more than an hour. It’s safe to say there’s a few sore legs & backs!

As well as making a lot of members of the public SMILE, we collected just over £120 on the promenade. Nearly all the sponsorship has been collected and the grand total collected is an absolutley amazing £940, with Barclays matching £750! Thank you so much everyone – it’s beyond all our hopes & expectations!
A great big thank you to Heather for helping me organise such a great event.

Check out this report … Bournemouth Echo

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